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The Group of Fruit and Vegetable Producers AG FOOD started its trade and production activity in 2012. The seat of the company is Jasienica – the place situated in Łoniów community. This picturesque place is famous for its many centuries fruit growing tradition in Sandomierska Basin.

The location of the seat of the Company is one of the biggest fruit growing regions in Poland. It is characterized by, perfect production of fruit, microclimate and environmental and soil conditions.

The group consist of 46 fruit producers who manage over 285 hectares.

The company realizes its assumptions and strategic aims due to modern investments. Building the storeroom was one of basic achievements of the Group. It consists of 42 chambers equipped with the newest generation devices and devices for KA/ULO. In some chambers was applied an innovative system of dynamic atmosphere supervision.

The group disposes of fully automated sorting line in 8th/h efficiency.

It also owns a preliminary sorting system with hydro-loading and system of automatic palletizing.

The Company has a possibility of selling apples in different packages, card-boards or poly-bags – everything according to our Customers expectations an requirements.

In our selling offer there are apples of different types: Jonagored, Champion, Eliza, Ligol, Gala, Mutsu, Idared and some vegetables.

An important achievement of our Company is introducing and functioning GLOBALG.A.P. and HACCP systems. In the future the Company is going to develop its trade and production activity by increasing acreage and undertaking cooperation with new Customers. There is also planned to increase a range of selling products by packaged vegetables.

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